Papa Ajasco-“I’m not dead”

Veteran nollywood actor, Abiodun Ayoyinka (the first Papa Ajasco Actor) has insisted that he is still alive.

Posts on social media platforms and news blogs erroneously carried the pictures of Abiodun Ayoyinka who first played the beloved tv character Papa Ajasco. The actor who actually died is Femi Ogunrombi who took over playing the character after Abiodun left the show.

late Femi Ogunrombi (2nd Papa Ajasco character)

News of Femi’s passing was first announced by Theatre practitioner, Shaibu Husseini on Saturday 14, via a tweet on twitter.

Meanwhile, reactions continue to trail the passing of Femi by Nigerians. Former Vice President and PDP Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar offered his condolences online through twitter;

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